Trampolines made with fiberglass: advantages and benefits

Date: 07-08-2017

A tough board that is coated with polyester reinforced with glass fiber and has a surface with engraving non-slip high resistance. This is the main aspect that buyers take into account when acquiring a trampoline.

There are several reasons that lead users to opt for this material:
- its elastic and fibrous structure provides a high mechanical resistance and is best suited for outdoor applications
- does not absorb moisture or deform
- maintenance is simple. Cleans comfortably with soap and water
- thanks to its hardness, do not scratch easily
- high resistance to wear and UV rays

If you are interested in acquiring a trampoline of these characteristics, from Molderdisnova we present our "Practic" trampoline, which is supplied with anchors.

You can know the benefits of this platform in the following link.