Custom tube slides

Custom designed and manufactured slides in Spain, of the highest quality.

At Molder Disnova we have been developing and manufacturing special designs for more than 20 years, adapting to any space.

Ideal for installation in playgrounds, adventure parks, shops, slopes, offices, schools...

We do not carry out installations, but we can advise you on the best way to carry out said installation.


  • Made of fiberglass reinforced polyester, a light material with exceptional mechanical properties. Waterproof, anti-corrosive and does not deform or crack over time.
  • The fiber reinforcement makes them very resistant and their exterior coating of Anti-abrasive Gel Coat guarantees exposure to the outside in corrosive environments and the highest resistance to wear.
  • Insensitive to temperature variations. There are no contractions and its use is more pleasant unlike a metal slide.
  • Glossy finish with UV protection. Color stability is guaranteed for a long period of time without undergoing substantial changes in color and structural behavior.
  • Possibility of adding translucent modules to the top of the slide.
  • Construction in detail. Modules manufactured with RTM injection technology and with hand-painted edges.
  • Designed by our technical team with advanced 3D modeling programs.
  • Inner diameter 80 cm. The output can be adapted both for screwing into compact soils and for burying in non-compact soils.
  • Made in Spain.

Over 2000 slides developed