At Molderdisnova we manufacture pieces with composite materials, mainly polyesther reinforced with glassfiber and carbon fiber - These materials have high mechanical resistance and they are the most suitable ones for outdoor applications.

We use a very specialized manufacturing technology which consists in the injection of one of the components inside a mould, where the reinforcement fiber has previously been introduced (RTM technology).

Among our products it is worth noting the complements for pools, slides for pools, slides for playgrounds, street furniture, basketball boards, showers and flower pots. We carry out the complete process of product development: design, prototyping, mould manufacturing, product manufacturing and commercialization.



14 - 02 - 2023
In the following video you can easily see the steps to follow to configure your own polyethylene tube slide with our standard modules. You can download the modules in STEP format to be able to introduce them into your 3D modeling program at the...
05 - 07 - 2022
Dowload PDF: Politica Integrada Molder Disnova  
26 - 04 - 2021
The innovative URBAN - TERM project, which has been developed by the company MOLDER-DISNOVA, SL and is financed by IVACE (Institut Valencià de Competitivitat Empresarial), has as its objective the development of a heated smart bench based on...
07 - 08 - 2017
Molder Disnova is associated to AIMPLAS. Its department of composites helps us to improve our technological developments. The world of composites is enormously active. We have reached important milestones in the challenge of new and increasingly...
07 - 08 - 2017
We won the first prize in the contest of elements for playgrounds convened by the Association of Manufacturers of Urban Furniture and Playgrounds of Spain. We would like to thank AFAMOR, TECMA and IFEMA for this.The award-winning product is our...
07 - 08 - 2017
Track width: 3m. Completely modular: Straight or wavy tracks with the length you need. Easy installation and maintenance. For slopes on hill or supported with simple structures of wood or steel.